Whether you are looking to create an outdoor space that is a beautiful link between the indoor and outdoor areas or simply want to protect your patio furniture from the elements a polycarbonate lean to canopy may be the perfect solution. In essence a lean to gazebo is just a roof canopy with open sides, it can be clad in a variety of different materials and can be built on a flat or sloping ground to suit your requirements.

The most popular option is to clad the structure in polycarbonate, this material is extremely weather resistant and offers the benefits of both light and heat. Polycarbonate is also very durable and comes with a lifetime guarantee against warping or discolouration. It is available in a range of different colours including clear, bronze and opal which are all designed to maximise the amount of sunlight that can be allowed in through the roof.

In a gable or curved design the lean to can be used in conjunction with existing walls to form a ridge supported by the host wall and as such is ideal for those that do not wish to build a free standing gazebo but require a full roof covering. The roof can be clad in polycarbonate or flame retardant fabric which both offer excellent weather protection and are ideal for use in the outdoors.

Polycarbonate canopies are very easy to assemble, with most kits consisting of everything required to build the roof in one box, including polycarbonate sheets, joiners, screws and valley connectors. This means that you can order the size of roof that suits your requirements and have it delivered to your door ready for easy installation. The kit will also include a comprehensive set of instructions that are clearly laid out to make the job of building your polycarbonate lean to gazebo as easy as possible.

When installing a lean to gazebo you will need to ensure that the structure is sealed correctly against the host wall to prevent water ingress. This can be achieved by using a silicone seal or adhesive flashing, however the best solution is to use lead flashing dressed into the existing mortar which will require the least maintenance and will last for many years.

A lean to gazebo can be an attractive addition to your home and provides a useful outdoor space which is great for entertaining. By choosing a multi coloured polycarbonate sheeting, like Axgard, your canopy will be visually striking and also provide you with a practical outdoor dining space which will be both UV protected and weather proof.

If you are considering a polycarbonate lean to canopy, it is important to ensure that you comply with any local planning regulations as there may be restrictions on the size of structure and whether you need to obtain a permit. If you are unsure about this, it is advised to contact your local authority to seek advice. In addition to this, a structural engineer should be consulted prior to installing the canopy to ensure that it will comply with building regulations.